Cargo Doors & RV Doors

just the way you want

  • Every cargo door and RV door is custom built.
  • Your doors are totally customizable.
  • All doors are built in Nappanee, Indiana.
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer and receive factory-direct pricing.

It’s easy to get the perfect custom door.

  • Our Process is simple: Guide our customers step-by-step so they get the perfect cargo door or RV door.
  • If you have questions, you can talk to someone right away on the phone.
  • We have many testimonials that speak to how easy it is to work with us.
  • All customers have access to video instructions for measuring their rough opening.
  • We promise that there are NO HIDDEN FEES. The quoted price for your cargo or RV door includes everything, even shipping.

How to Measure for a Replacement Door

No minimum order requirement for any custom orders

There are no minimum order requirements for either cargo doors or RV doors. You can order 1 or 1000.  All custom doors are sold at factory-direct prices and shipped from the manufacturer in Nappanee, Indiana.

Challenger Door makes it easy to get a quality custom door.

Easy to get your perfect custom solution

No minimum order requirement


Easy to install

Easy to install

Our custom cargo doors and custom RV doors are easy to install. We give you step-by-step video instructions showing you how to install your door. We also guarantee that your cargo door or RV door will meet your specifications or we will make it right.

Browse Door Types

We offer a number of custom door options for Cargo trailers and RVs.